You might have seen the new Patlock advert with Frank Bruno featured on TV recently:

The Patlock double French door lock is an additional layer of security that can be added to any Upvc French Doors. The Patlock provides maximum visibility to show any would be intruder that the door is security protected. Even if the door cylinder locks are attacked a Patlock will remain in place and keep the doors securely locked. This is a locally invented, engineered and designed product developed by Patlock in Shipley, West Yorkshire, which has been featured on BBC’s Break In Britain and Dragons Den. The Patlock is taking the market by storm due to it’s high visible presence and quick / easy use by the homeowner.

A Patlock providing a strong layer of additional security to french doors

As you can see in the above video the Patlock is very easy to secure on the door handles of your french doors, adding a great layer of security, along with been a prompt visual deterrent. The Patlock is a product we have been behind from it’s birth and we are proud to say we were one of the first companies to realise it’s benefit to the market, been a major advocate for the product from the very beginning. So much so we are not only a retail supplier but are the official authorised trade distributor in the UK, supplying many major trade customers throughout the UK with our large stock holdings.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Patlock, why not come down to our showroom where you can see a demonstration of how it works? if you like what you see than you can purchase one from our Spares 4 Repairs trade counter, or simply order a Patlock for next day delivery online.

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