If you have had Upvc Windows and Doors installed many years ago by a company selling a quality product, chances are these Upvc Windows and Doors are perfectly fine today, however might not benefit from all the advances in Window & Door security that have taken place over the years since they were installed.

With that in mind you might be wondering what you can do to enhance the security of your existing Upvc Windows and Doors?

Upvc and Composite Doors:

Starting with Upvc and Composite Doors the first thing you can do is ensure the lock is a high security 3 star kitemarked euro cylinder.

Times have changed over the years and the euro cylinder vulnerability is now one of the most common methods of house hold burglaries. This vulnerability has been widely exploited in West Yorkshire. Would be intrudes are simply able to snap the euro cylinder, in turn gaining entry to a home with ease, sometimes in less than 15 seconds!

This video explains The Euro Cylinder Lock Vulnerability in detail:

To ensure you have the latest secure euro cylinder look for 3 stars and the kitemark logo on the front of your euro cylinder. This confirms the euro cylinder meets the latest security standards.

An example of an Avocet ABS 3 star kitemark euro cylinder:

When upgrading Gardinia recommends the Avocet ABS 3* Kitemarked High Security Euro Cylinder, pictured above. This can be purchased from our Upvc Spares 4 Repairs online store and is a pretty easy upgrade to undertake yourself. However if not not confident enough to undertake this upgrade then our dedicated Gardinia service engineer can upgrade your lock to the latest high security cylinders for you.

French Doors:

An additional layer of security can be added to any Upvc French Doors with the Patlock. The provides maximum visibility to show any would be intruder that the door is security protected. Even if the door cylinder locks are attacked the Patlock will remain in place and keep the doors securely locked. The Patlock is actually a locally developed product which has since been featured on BBC’s Break In Britain and more recently Dragons Den.

As you can see below the Patlock is very easy to secure on the door handles of your french doors adding a great layer of security, along with been a prompt visual deterrent.

Patlock’s can be purchased from our Upvc Spares 4 Repairs online store.

Upvc Windows:

An easy additional security layer for Upvc Windows are Sash Jammer’s. A Sash Jammer can easily be retrofitted to an existing Upvc Window to provide an additional high security locking point, which can easily be operated from the inside.

We have a video tutorial showcasing how to easily install a Sash Jammer on existing Upvc Windows. High security Sash Jammers can be purchased from our Upvc Spares 4 Repairs eCommerce website.

If you have children then a window safety restrictor is often a simple upgrade for your piece of mind. This restricts the window opening to prevent someone falling out from the property, such as children. For safety restrictors we also have a video tutorial showcasing how to install a window safety restrictor.

We hope you have found this look at some additional security enhancements for Upvc Windows and Doors useful. A lot of these additional security upgrades can be undertaken by a someone who’s happy to have a go at some DIY. If not not confident enough to undertake either of these upgrades then our dedicated Gardinia service engineer can visit your Huddersfield home and install some Sash Jammers or child safety window restirctors for you.

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