Why Did We Build A Snowman?!

One morning on her way to work Terri was dancing away in her car, tuned in to The Pulse radio station. This is where Terri heard that the Piazza Centre in Huddersfield was looking for Schools, Community Hubs, Workplaces or even just creative people to build a snowman! However this had a bit of a twist, the snowman of course wouldn’t be made out of snow.

The idea was to transform the Piazza Centre in Huddersfield to a winter wonderland for when the Christmas lights in Huddersfield are switched on. This would be Saturday 16th November at 6pm, giving us a few weeks to get creative.

Needless to say Terri arrived at work even more excited than usual, promptly registering Team Gardinia’s interest in building a snowman. We found the snowman had to be life size, which at first seemed like quite a challenge, however as you will see below I think we managed this quite well. The snowman is taller than Terri anyway!

This became a fun office project, almost all the Gardinia team has contributed something during the various stages of the snowman been built. The end result is pretty good I hope you will agree!

Our Snowman – Frosty!
Team Gardinia With Frosty!

I had taken photos at various stages of the snowman’s build and as you can see at one point he resembled more of a Cyberman from Dr Who. In the earlier photos we were just getting an idea of what was possible, with some interesting results! If you’re keen eyed, you might notice the snowman had a glass of Prosecco on Friday and a bottle of Water on Monday… we still don’t think he was himself on Tuesday!

Prototype & Work In Progress Photos:

Huddersfield’s Christmas Light Switch On:

The Christmas lights will be switched on Saturday 16th November at 6pm. The location is the Piazza in the Huddersfield Town Centre (23 Princess Alexandra Walk, Huddersfield, HD1 2RS).

Before the Christmas light switch on earlier in the day Mylo and Rosie from Pulse 1 Radio will kick off the entertainment at 2pm with a free Santa Meet and Greet. This is located in the old BHS unit and will run until 5pm.

Guest performers will include S Club 3, as well as award winning Leeds magician Sebastian Walton.

Do look out for our snowman in the Piazza Centre this Christmas. If you spot him then please Tweet your photos to @gardiniawindows or share them on our Facebook page.

I can’t promise we can also build you a Snowman. However if you contact the team we can build you a superb Conservatory or a stunning Garden Room. So if you are thinking about extending the living space in your home do get in touch with us. As always we have a fantastic range of Upvc Windows and Composite Doors ideal for all types of Huddersfield home.

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