On Thursday the 14th November some of our team took a visit over to our Secondary Glazing manufacturer to view their new factory operation, we were more than impressed with the investment that they have made to ensure that our products remain the best available and designed for our clients.

We were blown away by the level of new technology we got to look at on our secondary glazing factory tour, for instance such a simple thing as the trolleys used to stack the profiles in are computer controlled, this lights up the correct slot to place the cut piece of material next to be used ensuring that the operator picks the right part first time every time.

As these trolleys move round the factory the process benefits from these efficiencies and the quality of the product is maintained throughout the whole labour-intensive operation.

The modern factory currently produces over 600 windows a week and has capacity to exceed over 1500 frames a week in due course. 2020 looks like an exciting year for Gardinia and our partners as forecast, and demand continues to grow for the secondary glazing projects that continues to deliver real solutions to customers needs to reduce noise and increase thermal efficiencies.

Here is a quick video I filmed during part of the tour:

More about secondary glazing can be learned on our dedicated secondary glazing page, then if you have any questions or like to learn more, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

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