As much as you might not expect a company that specialises in selling Upvc Windows & Doors to say it’s sometimes better to repair than replace, that is the truth! Sometimes a simple repair can and a bit of know how can make an existing door last longer and save you a lot of money in these tough times.

This is one of the reasons Gardinia runs a service department and setup the Upvc Spares 4 Repairs side of the business, which is shipping repair parts for Upvc Windows and Doors world wide.

This week we have received some photos from a happy Upvc Spares 4 Repairs customer who purchased a Composite Door Glazing Cassette from us to repair his Composite Door, which had seen better days. After giving our customer some advice over the phone on how to fit the replacement Glazing Cassette he was able to undertake the repair, with some fantastic results. Our customer was delighted with the transformation and shared some great before and after photos with Alan, who currently runs our Spares4Repairs trade counter.

Below is the older composite door which was in need of the glazing cassettes replacing:

Old door glazing cassettes which have faded and discoloured
The new door glazing cassettes have drastically improved the look of the door!

If you’re looking for that hard to find Upvc Window or Door repair part, why not checkout our Upvc Spares 4 Repairs online store? If its Upvc we can help!

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