Here at Gardinia we like to keep up with the advances in modern technology. A few years ago we we’re the first window company in Huddersfield to have 360 photographs taken of our showroom, allowing customers to virtually browse our showroom online, any time, from anywhere via Gardinia’s Google Street View listing.

If you have visited our showroom recently you will notice it has vastly changed since the 360 photos were taken a couple of years ago.

When looking at updating our 360 tour, we decided to do one better and go with an exciting new system that would allow a 3D model of our showroom to be created. The advantage with this system is people can browse our showroom as they would on Google Streetview, however we can then annotate what people see in the virtual showroom tour with text, video and even a link to the page on our website, detailing more information about what you are looking at on the 360 tour.

This is possible thanks to a very high end camera which scans an area, taking 100’s of photos which are then rendered in to an interactive 3D model.

A short clip of this specialised camera scanning an area of our showroom:

Below is an example of a completed interactive 3D model, created with the same camera. Its possible to zoom in on any part of the model and interact with a high quality 360 image. This can become even more immersive if you have a VR (Virtual Reality) headset, almost like a real life version of the holodeck on Star Trek one might say!

We will soon have a 360 model of the Gardinia Showroom online once it has been rendered. You will then be able to zoom in on any part and interact with what you see on screen:

Although a bit different to our usual blog, we hope you found this behind the scenes interesting and look forward to been able to explore our new and improved showroom online in the coming weeks!

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