Gardinia was called by Mr Tony Taylor, a valued customer, who asked Michael Foster the Chairman of Gardinia Windows if there may be a chance of some sponsorship contribution for an event the Lindley Bowling Club was organising. The event takes place annually and attracts a significant number of bowlers from both the local area as well as from out of town.

Michael visited the club and after a meeting with Gary Cramb & Tony Taylor, agreed to co-sponsor the match, along with a local Travel agent who had sponsored the match the previous year.

The tournament was to run over the month of July, culminating in the final being played on Friday the 27th of July at Lindley Bowling Club on Daisy Lea Lane.

The final was an exciting event, with the weather holding off, resulting in a close win on the last bowl for Graham Wilson and the runner up was Josh Brown who bowls for Lower Hopton, a promising player to watch out for in the future.

Lindley Bowling Club Tournament Begins
The intense tournament begins at Lindley Bowling Club
Lindley Bowling Club Winners Trophy
Michael awarded the trophy to Graham after a very exciting evenings game of bowls at Lindley Bowling Club

A thank you to all who organised the event which we hope raised some funds to the club, Gardinia wish all at Lindley Bowling Club the best.

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  • May i say a heartfelt thanks to Michael and all at Gardinia Windows for your very generous sponsorship,without local businesses and local peoples help and vision these competitions would not be able to take place,it was a pleasure to meet Michael and i am very sure if anyone from Gardinia would like to come down to the club you would be most welcome.
    Thank you again,
    Regards Mr John Allen,competition organiser.


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