Brexit is that word i’m sure a lot of us are fedup of hearing about by now.

Regardless of what happens now it will have a knock on effect for many industries, including the window industry. If you are thinking of upgrading your windows and doors it might well be a good idea to get the ball rolling and place your order before January 2020, which at the time of writing is the new deadline for Brexit to take place.

Why Buy Before Brexit?

The sad reality is they will be a knock on effect and things will become more expensive. Despite us using a local company to manufacture the majority of the Upvc Windows we install (John Fredericks, in Elland) the quality mechanisms and other fixtures are not all supplied or manufactured by UK companies. It is very likely the prices of these will increase due to the increasing complexity and costs associated of importing parts in to the country.

In addition if the UK leave the EU without a deal, this could cause problems with the supply of our raw materials. A lot of the resin for Upvc comes from Germany, with the raw glass coming from various regions of Europe. So needless to say things could become more a lot more complicated than they are now, at least in the short term anyway. Sadly the increased costs will pass down the chain eventually reaching the end customer as companies can only absorb so much of this.

So if you are thinking about purchasing new Upvc Windows or Doors for your home then it might be an idea to start the process sooner rather than later, it could save you money on something you are planning to purchase in the near future anyway!

Why not have a browse of our online Upvc Window gallery, or our ever popular Solidor Composite Doors. Like what you see? then contact us today and arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

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