2019 is the year of colour, Gardinia’s colour options provide home owners inspiration and a chance to get really get creative with their new Upvc Windows and Doors.

Our Upvc Windows and Door ranges can be bespoke sprayed to any RAL colour, truly offering a bespoke finish for our customers.

A PVC-u door coloured to the RAL 7032 colour

This is where the quality and craftsmanship of the installer really plays an important part. Customers should keep in mind when gathering quotations colour is something that has to be done right, the quality of finish, the process and the reliability are all very important factors.

Homeowner demand for bespoke coloured windows and doors continues to rise, and that is where you need a company like Gardinia with heritage and the expertise to carry it out properly. You can read more about UPVC Window Colour Options from Gardinia.

Likewise our Suffolk Engineered Doors allow customers to choose your desired Kolorbond colour and this will be applied to either smooth PVC-u or White Woodgrain foil depending on your preferred finish. In addition you can choose to have the colour applied to the inside and outside of the door or outside only leaving a fresh white internal finish.

A smooth PVC-u coloured Suffolk Engineered Door

Why not browse our range of Windows and Doors and contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation consultation if you’d like to design a uniquely coloured door with one of our consultants.

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