My wife and I were seeking out a product for a Lantern type roof light for our new Garden Room project.

We receive many quotes, which the specifications varied for the range of quotes we were presented with. We finally chose an aluminium Lantern roof, after we had seen a professional video which was produced to show you how to assemble the product.

As the owners of Gardinia Windows we felt that it was important for us to be happy with the product first, as we were proposing to introduce a Lantern Roof Light into our companies range of products for sale.

Having placed the order with the manufacturer at a price we were satisfied with, we awaited delivery.

The goods arrived on time on the day they were projected to arrive. The packaging was immaculate, the glass arrived on a separate carrier, again on time and to a good standard of workmanship.

I chose to install the Lantern myself, at 66 years of age I took pride in working with a work colleague to make it happen. The parts were easily identified from the instruction booklet, the use of just one type of screw head made assembly simpler and push fit glazing beads were all a perfect fit. It took us from starting, around four hours to build and glaze the Lantern, but clearly we would be able to improve on that with practice.

Roof Lantern Work In Progress Installation Photos:

The Lantern colour chosen was Mat Anthracite Grey outside and High Gloss White inside, which are both finished to an exceptionally high standard. With the weather we experience here in Yorkshire I feel confident in the products capability to withstand the pressures to be inflicted upon it.

The glass we chose was the 28-mm Argon gas filled double glazed unit with a Blue tint to enhance the look of the sky. The glass fitted into the glazing trims well and were not too heavy to handle. All in all, not too back-breaking a task for me to perform.

The finished job for me showed that the detail in the design has given us more light and was built from a slim yet sturdy designed structure, which was a delight to deal with and we are certainly going to add this Lantern to our portfolio of products sold by Gardinia Windows.

Myself and Judith are so happy with the result in respect of the level of light we can receive into the adjacent rooms of the home, which seems to be a major concern to most people considering this type of roof glazing option.

Roof Lantern End Result Photos:

It has certainly enhanced the look of the overall job by introducing the Lantern into our project and from the photos I have taken I think anyone considering the option should choose to go with a Lantern as a glazing option without a doubt.

If you are interested in a Roof Lantern then why not contact Gardinia today and arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

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