Last week we featured the build of an Orangery for South Yorkshire Boat Club, that would greatly transforming the clubhouse by significantly expanding the amount of space available for club functions.

This week we are featuring the end result, along with a fantastic 360 photo! As you can see from the photos below the Orangery fits in perfectly with the existing Boat Club building, making a fantastic improvement to the clubhouse, especially for club functions.

The South Yorkshire Boat Club building, with the Orangery extension, viewed from a boat on the basin.
Close up of the new Orangery
Alternative angle of the new Orangery
Looking across the new Orangery out on to the basin
Alternate cosy view looking out on to the basin
Looking around to the bar area help to visualise just how much addition space has been gained in the club house
Panoramic from the dance floor showing the available space has increased by 60%
Looking from the bar area though the Orangery then out on to the basin
A panoramic from a boat, showcasing the Orangery and basin

Above is a 360 photo, touch your devices screen or drag with your mouse on a computer to move around the clubhouse!

I think you’ll agree the Orangery really has made a significant improvement to South Yorkshire Boat Club and will bring great value to the club members over the coming years.

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