Once more we are featuring South Yorkshire Boat Club on our weekly blog, we have previously featured the clubs Door With a Difference back in 2018. Since then the extensive modernisation of the club house has been completed. This included building an Orangery, greatly transforming the clubhouse by significantly expanding the amount of space for club functions.

Gardinia supplied the roof, double sliding patio doors and windows for the Orangery which was built on the front of the club house, allowing views of the basin to be enjoyed by the club members.

Originally the club had a small function room to the rear with a small corridor to the front, by removing the wall between the corridor and the function room and extending beyond the corridor with the Orangery the club was able to gain around 60% additional floor area. The main benefit was opening up the view from the function room to the basin.

Before Photos:

The club before the Orangery was constructed
Showcasing the inside of the club function room before space was greatly expanded with the Orangery
The club before the Orangery was constructed – looking towards where the Orangery would stand at the left
Another photo showcasing the inside of the club function room
Work in progress – the old corridor which was knocked through
Showing the new door frame repositioned to facilitate a gradual ramp due to a split floor, by repositioning the door the club could still maintain the required heights
Demolition of the old fireplace which was now redundant
Building works have progressed well and the double sliding patio doors and roof now installed
Plastering under way
Showcasing the significant amount of space the club will gain once the Orangery is completed

Next week we will feature the stunning end result, complete with some great 360 photos showcasing how fantastic the club house now looks.

However you can already see from work in progress internal photo above just how vast the available space has increased.

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