If you have a problem with windows where the glazing is simply too thin to keep the noise at bay, live in a conservation area or simply a noisy area, then you should consider looking into installing a quality noise reducing secondary glazing system.

A noise reducing secondary glazing system fitted correctly will significantly reduce the passing noise into any Huddersfield home.

Secondary Glazing is designed with nylon brush draft gaskets, which help seal the moving part of the frame to the fixed outer frame, giving you a superb seal, designed to keep noise under control.

Secondary Glazing installed in a traditional cottage home

Gardinia recently installed secondary glazing for a customer who lived by the M62 motorway. As you can imagine noise was an issue at all times of the day.

Our customers were so delighted with the difference our secondary glazing system made, they invited us back to film a video, showcasing the vast difference the secondary glazing system had made.

With the secondary glazing installed the noise of the M62 motorway was inaudible, we even confirmed his with a decibel meter.

Below you can watch the video we filmed at our customers home and listen to just how much of a difference the secondary glazing made:

If you are interested to learn more about quality secondary glazing from Gardinia, be sure to checkout our secondary glazing page on the website.

Why not contact us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation?

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