Brief Description: Mrs Brunton wanted to replace the old leaking polycarbonate roof to her conservatory that was looking tired, dirty and not in keeping with the house.

Mrs Brunton explained to Gardinia that she would like to change the roof to her conservatory due to the old roof leaking and always looking tired and dirty. Gardinia came up with a new roof design and changed the old pollycarbonate roof to ­Celsius ~ Plus double glazing, which gives much greater u values making the conservatory much cooler and with less glare in the summer and much warmer in the winter reducing heating costs.

Mrs Brunton says “The new conservatory looks so much nicer, both inside and out. It helps maintain a more stable temperature and we have no leaks like on the previous pollycarbonate roof. Gardinia were totally professional in advising how to create the best from an awkward roofline. They told me how long it would take and when they would start and kept to their word. I have no hesitation in recommending Gardinia”.

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