Brief Description: Mr Beverley had a conservatory that had damage to the roof, Gardinia was appointed to replace the roof and change the overall appearance of the conservatory.

Mr Beverley wanted to change the style to add value to the property and make the conservatory more appealing to use; the original roof was a pollycarbonate Lean-To roof that made the conservatory very hot in the summer. Gardinia suggested a new Edwardian style conservatory roof with sunguard.

Mr Beverley explains that the new revamped conservatory is now much more appealing and keeps cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, it’s also a lot easier to clean and maintain.

The style and appearance of the new roof will have helped to maintain the value of the whole property, if not added value, whereas the old roof was probably causing a loss in value.

Maintenance and cleaning is much easier, and not required as often, finally the reduction in heating in the winter and reduced glare and overheating in the summer is appreciated.

Mr Beverleys Old UPVC Conservatory Roof
Mr Beverleys New UPVC Conservatory Roof

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