Mr Taylor and Mrs Bouchard from Brighouse wanted to upgrade their old single glazed windows, however retain the traditional stained glass. This is something we could do by encapsulating the old units in to a modern double glazed unit.

This proved to be a unique situation as our customers wanted to keep the stains within the Georgian style fret. The existing overall timber fret was only 25mm, which is fine for single glazed units, however only gives a 4mm rebate, but double-glazed units require a rebate size of approximately 15mm to hide the spacer bar and seal. This usual results in a glazing bar measuring 60mm+, which simply wouldn’t work with this window design.

To save the existing stains, the individual units were fused together to create one design and then encapsulate into a high-performance double-glazed unit, before being glazed into the new windows creating a stunning result.

Below is one of the old windows, where you can see four single glazed pains in the top window:

One of the old traditional stained glass single glazed windows

The Stained Glass Window Encapsulation Process:

  1. Our specialist glass expert attends site and carefully removes the existing stains.
  2. He then temporary glazes the apertures with single plate clear glass to maintain a weather seal and security.
  3. Our specialist then takes the units to his studio, and replaces any badly damaged coloured glass units from his extensive stocks of original coloured glass.
  4. He then puts the glass units through a extensive glass polishing process which removes any ingrained marks, dirt and blemishes.
  5. Our glass specialist also repairs and re-solders any lead joints to ensure they are maintained, firm and secure.
  6. The glass is now restored to the existing vibrant colours and finish as when fitted.
  7. Lastly the new stained glass is trapped inside a brand new double glazed unit making it “triple glazed”, this means that the new stained glass will not weather or become marked or dirty as it is no longer open to the elements.


Below you can see the encapsulated double glazed unit, where the top opening window has now been fused in to one unit, a perfect blend of old meets new:

The new double glazed window containing the old stained glass, which has been encapsulated with the old pains of glass fused together

Below is another before photo showing the old bay window with the original stained glass:

Below is the bay window stained glass encapsulated in to a new double glazed unit:

Below are some more photos featuring the other finished encapsulated stained glass windows at Mr Taylor and Mrs Bouchard’s home:

The windows look great from the outside also, however can truly be appreciated when you are inside the house:

I think you will agree the end result is a great showcase of old meets new, the encapsulated stained glass windows really do need to be viewed in person to truly appreciate the end result.

If you have old stained glass windows you’d like to preserve, however upgrade to modern energy efficient windows then why not get in touch today.

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  • Nicola Dudley
    August 9, 2022 11:15 pm

    We are looking at purchasing a house with single glazed stained glass and also a beautiful front door, all timber of course. We have no idea how much it costs to encapsulate into double or even triple glazed units. Roughly how much is a window? I know it would depend on size but any idea would be if great help to us?
    Many thanks, Nicola


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