Lindley Dental came to Gardinia to replace an old wooden door, which had a highly decorative stained glass fanlight. As far as old doors go we thought this was a one of exceptional quality, however it simply didn’t perform. Lindley Dental desired a modern Solid Core Composite Door, which offered performance, high security and a great modern look.

Lindley Dental also wished to keep the stained glass fanlight, this was possible thanks to Gardinia’s stained glass encapsulation process which is as follows.

The Stained Glass Window Encapsulation Process:

  1. Our specialist glass expert attends site and carefully removes the existing stains.
  2. He then temporary glazes the apertures with single plate clear glass to maintain a weather seal and security.
  3. Our specialist then takes the units to his studio, and replaces any badly damaged coloured glass units from his extensive stocks of original coloured glass.
  4. He then puts the glass units through a extensive glass polishing process which removes any ingrained marks, dirt and blemishes.
  5. Our glass specialist also repairs and re-solders any lead joints to ensure they are maintained, firm and secure.
  6. The glass is now restored to the existing vibrant colours and finish as when fitted.
  7. Lastly the new stained glass is trapped inside a brand new double glazed unit making it “triple glazed”, this means that the new stained glass will not weather or become marked or dirty as it is no longer open to the elements.

With the stained glass encapsulated window manufactured, this was ready to be fitted along with the Solidor Solid Core Composite Door, we have taken some before and after photos to showcase this great looking transformation, where old meets new.

Before and After Photos:

The old wooden door Lindley Dental wished to replace, with the stained glass fanlight window above.


The new Solid Core Composite Door from Gardinia’s Solidor Range, complete with an Encapsulated Fanlight Window.


The lovely stained glass fanlight window that Lindley Dental wished to retain and encapsulate in a new double glazed fanlight showing a few marks and blemishes.


Close up of the triple glazed encapsulated fanlight with all marks and blemishes removed.


I’m sure you will agree the end result looks stunning. The encapsulated fanlight maintains a traditional look, adding additional class to the modern new door!

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  • When I went there a week ago i was admiring the door. I meant to ask them who had replaced it for them. Pleased to have stumbled across the answer by accident. We need you to look at ours.


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