Recently we featured a build of a Brick Built Garden Room In Golcar, showcasing the project progress. The specification laid down for us was quite specific, in that the requirement was for a roof that would let the client be able to sit in a reclining chair and enjoy a star gaze, something Gardinia were confident we could achieve!

Now we are able to continue and feature how the project looked towards the end, along with the final result.

We start off with the electrics having been wired up:

Showcasing the out door lighting at night, before the patio was built.
The internal roof spotlights at night.
Inside view showing the flooring & paintwork is finished, along with the TV been wall mounted.
The Finished roof lantern, allowing our client be able to sit in a reclining chair and enjoy a star gaze.
The end result viewed from outside, complete with the patio and outdoor seating. A great result!

I’m sure you will agree we delivered on our clients expectations. If you like what you see then why not contact us to learn more about how creating a Garden Room can enhance your home.

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