Just before the Covid 19 outbreak some of our long-time customers had moved to Golcar and decided to turn to Gardinia to construct for themselves a brick-built Garden Room to the rear of their property to increase their home space.

The specification laid down for us was quite specific, in that the requirement was for a roof that would let the client be able to sit in a reclining chair and enjoy a star gaze.

We began planning the project and then encountered a main Yorkshire Water sewer, which ran directly under the proposed garden room foundations. This required us to rethink the base work and we were advised to drive piles into the ground to support the main foundations. Which proved very successful and did not delay the work too much.

Initial digging out of foundations
Piles having been driven in to the ground to support the concrete/steel reinforcing foundations

The builder was able to confidently build the insulated brick and breeze walls directly onto the foundations. He formed the door and window openings and placed the floor joists for Gardinia to lay the insulated chip-wood floor upon.

Brickwork up to damp proof level and floor joists in place

The roof joists were designed and built by Gardinia’s team at our remote workshop prior to being delivered and installed on site.

Manufacturing of the roofing joists at our Birkby warehouse

The roof was then insulated, wired, and covered with U.S.B boarding and finally coated with a robust roofing cover.

Finish seal been applied to osb board

The glazed roof lantern was delivered and installed by the Gardinia team, and the lead flashings were attached to the property to seal the whole structure to the house.

Finished roof lantern

Below we have some more photos from the construction detailing the build process in more detail as we have described above.

Construction Photo Diary:

Side view of the neatness of the brickwork
Building progressing
Building progressing, front view
Internal insulated breeze wall + floor joists waiting for chipboard floor
Internal insulated breeze wall
Roof joists now installed
Osb board covering the joists
Ceiling insulation installed
Roof lantern installation
Front elevation completed, waiting for raised patio
Side elevation completed with windows installed

Stay tuned for Part 2: The End Result where we will showcase the completed project in detail, complete with decking.

If you like what you see then why not contact us to learn more about how creating a Garden Room can enhance your home.

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