Gardinia recently completed some bespoke work for Mrs Robinson, a long time customer of Gardinia’s. The work was carried out on Mrs Robinson’s old wooden Porch. The old porch had recently had the front panel, window and door removed, allowing for some railings to be installed. The railings allow Mrs Robinson the ability to enter and exit her home more easily.

The downside to this was the front of Mrs Robinson’s home looked incomplete, Gardinia were asked to install two new UPVC Windows, replacing the old wooden side panels and windows in the process, in-turn improving the look of the entrance to Mrs Robinson’s home.

Before and After Photos:

Below is a photo of the old wooden Porch, with the railings before the work by Gardinia had started:

Before the Bespoke Work on Mrs Robinsons UPVC Porch
Mrs Robinson’s Porch Before

Below is a photo of the entrance, with the new UPVC Windows / side panels installed just after Gardinia had completed the work:

After the Bespoke Work on Mrs Robinsons UPVC Porch
The Finished Job

As can be seen in the above photo the UPVC Windows / side panels have greatly enhanced Mrs Robinson’s entrance to her home. Mrs Robinson and her family are very pleased with the work Gardinia has completed.

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