Mrs Ball initially contacted Gardinia though our website about replacing an arched window with a window that had a bespoke stained / bevelled glass design.

We promptly sent across a brochure to illustrate some possible ideas and showcase what was possible when creating a stained / bevelled glass design.

Mrs Ball quite liked one of the designs in the brochure that contained a lighthouse, however instead of a lighthouse desired Victoria Tower at Castle Hill to be the feature of the design.

The Design With The Lighthouse Mrs Ball Liked:

With a starting point in mind we came up with a proposed design of what the final stained / bevelled glass window could look like.

The Proposed Design:

Mrs Ball really liked this design and desired to go ahead and commissioned the design to be created.

The next stage was for Mrs Ball to visit our stained glass manufacturer, Heritage Glass. This would be to choose the colours of the stained glass and finalise the proposed design.

The design was finished, then approved by Mrs Ball, with the manufacturing process continuing from that point.

The end result was a very unique triple glazed stained glass window which can be viewed below.

The End Result:

This window also looks great from the inside of Mrs Ball’s home as the sun shines on to it, however still allowing her to maintain privacy.

View From The Inside of Mrs Ball’s Home:

Viewed From The Outside of Mrs Ball’s Home:

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