Mrs Green purchased a couple of Stain Glass Units from an Antique shop many years ago and had the units glazed into a timber Stained-Glass bathroom window.

Unfortunately, the timber on the Stained-Glass window had rotted and the stains had become tired. The stains held special sentimental value for Mrs Green and she asked Gardinia to replace the window whilst retaining the stained-glass units.

Before – Mrs Green’s old timber window with the stained glass units:

Gardinia did just that for Mrs Green, the existing stained units were re manufactured into high performance triple glazed units. This process involves the stained units being removed with the existing window, before temporarily glazing the existing window during the manufacturing process.

Next the stains were cleaned and re-sized before been encapsulated into triple glazed units, to protect them from the elements.

Finally the stained-glass units were then glazed into a brand new high performance Upvc window.

After – Mrs Green’s new triple glazed window with the old stained units encapsulated, viewed from the outside:

After – Mrs Green’s new triple glazed window with the old stained units encapsulated, viewed from the inside:

Mr & Mrs Green are delighted with the installation, I can see why too! They have now ordered some new Cream coloured windows and French doors for their summer house from Gardinia.

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  • Hi just read about the old stained glass being put into a new window. Could you tell the price of this please.

  • Mrs Rosemary Ormerod
    February 18, 2022 5:30 pm

    Hi, we have exactly the same problem, a couple of leaded stained glass windows where the wooden frames are rotting.
    Similar to Mr and Mrs Green’s example, ours are a static window 90cm x 48cm with a transom window above 25cm x 48cm.
    Would it be possible to give me an idea of cost please? I’d like to retain them but in good condition. They are currently intact but a bit bowed!


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