Ms Thomas came to Gardinia with a quite unique project, two conservatories on the back of her home which she desired to convert in to Garden Rooms. Converting a conservatory to a Garden Room is done by replacing the roof with our Enviro~Gard Garden Room Roof, essentially creating a Garden Room which will be cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months, allowing for use all year round.

The old conservatories we’re not usable all year round due to been too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

This project involved modifying the internal wall dividing both Conservatories, so the new Garden Room roof could be accommodated.

The Conservatory to the left would still be a utility room, however the Conservatory to the right would become a usable Garden Room for hobbies, such as botany which Ms Thomas is very keen on.

Below you can see the before photos of the old conservatories:

After photos of the newly created Garden Room:

Ms Thomas is delighted with the transformation and totally loves the new Garden Room!

In the future we will showcase another blog featuring the inside of the Garden Room, once decorating work has been finalised.

If you like what you see then why not contact us to learn more about how creating a Garden Room, or upgrading your existing Conservatory to a Garden Room can enhance your home

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