Our clients in Wellhouse, Huddersfield chose Gardinia to upgrade their old heavy timber garage doors for our lighter, steel, super sprayed Chartwell Green sprung doors.

The smooth operation of the steel garage doors made it easier for our clients open their doors, with the steel surround frame this means no more painting in future either! so a really nice upgrade that will save time in the future too.

The before and after photos below show the new Chartwell Green garage doors compliment the property really well.

Before photo of the old timber doors:

After photo of the modern steel Garage Doors installed by Gardinia:

A classic look with modern functionality, resulting in another fantastic installation by the Gardinia team.

Like what you see? then you can learn more on Garage Doors from Gardinia. Roller, Insulated Roller, Insulated Sectional and Steel Up & Over garage doors can all be installed by our team.

Why not can contact us and make a free, no obligation consultation to find out how a sectional garage door can enhance your Huddersfield home.

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