2019 has now been and gone, this was a great year for Gardinia with some fantastic installations.

We started the year off with some stunning Encapsulated Stained Upvc Windows Installed In Brighouse.

Gardinia were commissioned by Mr & Mrs Barraclough from Brighouse to complete a project that would allow them to have modern high performance Upvc windows, whilst retaining and upgrading their original stained glass windows.

Next we installed some Noise Reducing Secondary Glazing Installed By The M62 Motorway which made such a difference to our clients quality of life at home we just had to go back and film a video demonstrating just how good our secondary glazing really is.

With the secondary glazing installed the noise of the M62 motorway was inaudible, we even confirmed his with a decibel meter, as demonstrated in the video below:

Another fantastic project we undertook in 2019 was installing a bespoke stained glass window featuring Victoria Tower (Castel Hill). This project came about when Mrs Ball quite liked one of the designs in our stained glass brochure that contained a lighthouse, however instead of a lighthouse desired Victoria Tower at Castle Hill to be the feature of the design.

This of course wasn’t a problem for our design consultants and a fantastic end result was achieved:

As you would expect for any organisation health and safety is a major consideration for any organisation. With that in mind all our installation teams, our company surveyor and our service workers attended a health and safety training day. Additionally our company chairman Michael Foster and our general manager Allan Hinchliffe backed this important day by also attending and taking part in the full days training sessions.

Below, our team after completing the training session:

Later in the year Gardinia got creative for Halloween, with our showrooms spider infestation getting a lot of attention from passers by:

Finally we ended the year by building a snowman for the Piazza Centre in Huddersfield. Below is Frosty standing proudly in our showroom:

We hope to share some more exciting projects and blog posts with you throughout 2020 also. To kickoff the new year we have a very nice the encapsulated stained glass job to showcase in next weeks blog post.

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